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Sarıgerme Beach

Sarıgerme (Dalaman)

Sarıgerme (Dalaman); Very near busy Dalaman Airport, this well-kept beach is somewhat undiscovered, quieter, great for families and those interested mostly in beach time.

Sarigerme Beach is a Heaven for families with small children due to its shallow waters.

The Public Beach in comparison to the one in front of the Holiday Village and Hilton is much cleaner, the sand is much lighter and gives you the feeling of being on an idyllic beach.

Shuttle Mini Buses running every Half Hour starting from Hilton and Holiday Village Family Life Hotels through the Sarigerme Village to the Sarigerme Beach for 3 Turkish Lira (about 40 pence) per person, and kids under six ride for free. With Shuttle buses, it takes about 5 minutes to get there from the Holiday Village and Hilton. It will take 40 minutes if you decide to walk instead. Bear in mind that they charge an entrance fee of 50pence or so per Adult.

There is all kind of facilities available to make it comfortable as possible for the visitors. Plenty of showers, Toilets, Changing Cabinets, Picnic areas, and a ridiculously affordable Cafeteria.

Sarigerme and its wonderful beach have so far remained relatively untouched by tourism – there are hotels here, but development has not been over the top and so the area retains much of its scenic beauty and natural charm. The beach, that spans as far as the eye can see, is one of the longest beaches on this section of Turkish coastline and so it’s a very popular spot with families looking to get away from it all, on a quiet holiday in Southern Turkey.

In the last few years Dalaman has been designated as a town that would greatly benefit from tourism and so the Turkish government is encouraging more, yet sustainable, development of the area. Because Sarigerme is essentially Dalaman’s beach this is one of the places that’s going to be further developed. A new, high class Hilton hotel has already been constructed and this smart hotel is going to set a precedent for further development.