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Bohemian Kadıköy – Yeldeğirmeni

Sight in Istanbul  

Yeldeğirmeni is a historical part of Kadıköy with plenty to offer. Many elderly Turkish citizens have lived here from birth. It’s relatively inexpensive, there are lots of things to see and do and it’s home to a bunch of art studios.

There’s a youthful energy and a relaxed vibe to the central neighborhoods of Kadikoy, a district on the eastern, Asian side of Istanbul that’s just a short (and sublimely beautiful) commuter-ferry ride away from the city’s most famous historical sights. Streets radiating out from the ferry pier are teeming with hip cafes, lively bars, casual restaurants and small boutiques. The Yeldegirmeni area to the north has a scruffier, more bohemian feel, while Moda, to the south, emanates an established kind of cool.