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Open company in Turkey

    Company formation turkey 2021 With the new foreign investor programme, the Republic of Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners who make 250,000 dollar property investment in Turkey or found/buy a company with 500,000 dollar capital,  or deposit 500,000 dollars in State investment instruments or state banks operating in Turkey provided that they do not withdraw such amount for three years.  Turkish Citizenship By İnvesment.

Company formation in Turkey

In the global age, companies tend to re-consider their capital structures within the Capital, Information and Technology axis. There is no doubt that adaptation to the increasing international competition within the boundaryless world plays an important role in the decision to establish overseas businesses and partnerships. Within this perspective, Turkey develops a series of legal and political initiatives that encourage the internationalization and globalization efforts of companies who seek to move to Turkey. This article explains the process of establishing a foreign company in Turkey by focusing on ordinary procedures for establishing different types of foreign companies.

Establishing company legal basis

Core legislation on foreign investment is the Law no 4875 on the Foreign Direct Investments.[1] Upon its acceptance and entry into force on 17.06.2003, the current legislation on Foreign Direct Investment explicitly guarantees two principles: freedom to establish business enterprises and equal treatment.