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Mount Nemrut

Amazing Places in Turkey


Another stunning historical place to visit in Turkey. Mount Nemrut is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it’s home to some pretty amazing statues and archeological sites.

Mount Nemrut in Turkey is one of the most important tourist attractions in the southeast of the country. This mountain is the focus of attention of many archaeologists and historians. It rises more than 2000 meters in the sky. Where there are huge statues dating back to centuries BC. Some of these stones and statues, especially the stones used in the construction of the royal tombs, are 9 meters high.

Many people believe that the name Nimrod is taken from the tyrannical king of Babylon, who was defeated by the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, but archaeologists did not speak about this topic.

There are statues decapitated on the surface of this mountain, which have remained underground for many years or have survived to this day or been destroyed by erosion factors and disasters such as earthquakes. Tourists can easily visit this tourist attraction in Turkey. As it is an attraction that is not only related to the history of religions and archeology, it also pleases mountain climbers and nature lovers.