Calis Beach

Çalış (Fethiye)

Çalış (Fethiye); Long beach near the city cradling yacht-happy Fethiye Bay, good but somehow un-charming, and famous Ölüdeniz is just 10 km (6 miles) away over the hills.

Calis, also known as “Calis Beach” is situated at the west entrance of Fethiye. 45 km away from Dalaman airport, 7 km from Fethiye center and 25 km from Oludeniz beach, Calis is one of the most popular tourist area of Fethiye. With its 4 km long sandy beach, Calis gets more visitors each year.

Beach side is full of nice restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels. The small street with local shops becomes colorful in summer nights.

Calis beach is known as the best place to watch the sunset. The view from beach is fascinating during sunset over islands. The average temperature in July and august is 32 degrees. During winters weather gets cooler but not so cold with an average temperature of 10-15 degrees.

Calis has its own atmosphere. Beside regular minibuses which goes to Fethiye center, there are Water Taxis which is a small motor boat goes to Fethiye center. There is a small natural park full of different birds called “bird heaven”. And the most important and significant action in Calis beach is the giant, friendly turtles, Carretta Carretta turtles. Calis beach is one of their nesting beach. Every year they come to Calis beach and leave their eggs into the sandy beach. In the right date you may have chance to see the cabs or the parents on the beach.

Calis is also known with the wind surfing. Area has a nice breeze which keeps you cool in hot summer days and nights. That breeze also makes the area one of the popular windsurfing and kiting place. There is a school for windsurfing and kiting to make your holiday more colorful.

Night life in Calis beach is also crowded. Instead of going to Fethiye, people prefer to spend the night in Calis beach. There are plenty of bars, pubs and a few nightclubs. Mostly popular music playing bars and clubs but you can find your taste after a 5 minutes of walk around.

Beside all, Calis is the biggest accommodation place of Fethiye. Area is full of holiday complexes, private villas and properties on rent for holidays. Its popular with holiday villa rentals with short term villa or apart rentals for holiday makers.

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