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Historical Turkish bath – Çinili Hamam

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Steam baths, bubble massages and relaxing on heated marble stones – what’s not to love? During Ottoman times, “hamams” (Turkish baths) were places where people gathered and socialised. Even today, Turkish people, especially the older generations, love visiting hamams together with family and friends.

The Çinili Hamamı was built in 1640 as part of a mosque complex ordered by the Valide Sultan (mother of the Ottoman Sultan). This is a double bath, with separate sections for men and women. Each has two central domed areas, one for the central room and the other acting as a large vestibule for relaxing. The name Çinili (tiled) comes from the quantities of Iznik tile decorations both the mosque and the bath section. Even tough it is comparatively far and difficult to fin  It may be worth going all the way since Uskudar district also has many other places to visit. You can go to Uskudar by Marmaray subway or with ferry boats from Besiktas (not far from Taksim) or from Eminonu piers (closer to Sultanahmet). It is a walking distance of around 30 minutes from Uskudar’s center and 10 minutes from Baglarbasi metro station.