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Turkish food


Meze is the typical dining experience in Turkey with various small dishes served and shared together with friends and family. If you’re familiar with tapas, it’s somewhat similar, but Turkish Meze typically consists of a larger collection of smaller dishes.

Some typical mezze includes stuffed vine leaves, grilled eggplant salad, fava bean puree, pickled sardine salad, pastirma, fried liver and onions, marinated sweet red peppers, meatballs, and many more. 

In Turkey, you’ll find some form of meze wherever you go. Whether you eat a modest meal at someone’s home, run down to the corner restaurant, or go to a fine restaurant in one of Turkey’s big cities, you’ll always be presented with several delicious meze dishes to choose from.

If you enjoy having an appetizer or starter before your dinner, you’ll definitely appreciate Turkish meze and the Turkish way of dining.