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Adana Kebab

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Turkish food
Adana Kebab is a type of kebab named after Adana, which is one of the largest cities in Turkey. It’s a long hand-minced kebab which is grilled on an open mangal with burning charcoal, giving the iconic charcoal flavor to the Adana kebab.

Adana Kebab is one the most delicious and famous kebab variety of Turkish cuisine. Its popularity has already reached the corners of the world. When you first see this Kebab, you may think that it is just minced meat on a skewer. However it is not. There is a one special ingredient which separate this Kebab from a minced meat on skewer called ‘tail fat’ and it is not possible to source in every part of the world.

If you source ‘tail fat’ in your country, there is not much thing left to make a proper Kebab. But if you cannot source it and try to make it, please save your time and don’t try to do it. It will be just a minced meat on a skewer and it is not considered as Kebab. So before starting to make Adana Kebab, first source the ‘tail fat’ from your butcher shop.