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Kuru fasulye

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Kuru fasulye is a stewed bean dish in Turkish cuisine.  It is made primarily with white beans and olive oil, and onion and tomato paste or tomato sauce are almost invariably used. Sometimes other vegetables or meat may also be added, especially pastirma. Kuru fasulye is often served along with rice or bulgur. It is often considered the national dish of Turkey. Its counterpart[citation needed] in Greek cuisine is called fasolada.

Kuru fasulye is a traditional stewed bean dish which is sometimes considered as one of the national dishes of Turkey. It’s simple to make and the main ingredients are white beans, olive oil, onions, and tomato paste/sauce.

Meat and vegetables can be added as well for a more delicate version. Pastirma is the most common meat that is added to Kuru fasulye. Pickles and rice are usually served on the side as well.