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Turkish food
Menemen is a savory breakfast dish that is made of eggs, tomato, green peppers, and spices. To add more flavors and make it more filling, white cheese or pastirma can be added as well.
It can also be eaten as a main dish, but then it typically includes onions as well. Menemen is somewhat similar to Huevos rancheros, which is a classic Mexican dish.

Menemen is a traditional Turkish spread consisting of tomatoes, eggs, peppers, and various spices. There are many version of menemen, so it can also contain garlic, cheese, spinach, sausage pieces, or onions (when menemen is served as a main dish).

It is usually sold at breakfast or brunch places in Turkey, and most restaurants serve it in metal pans, with a big basket filled with bread as an accompaniment. Most people don’t use forks, as they opt for bread as the utensil of choice, scooping up this flavorful spread in the process.