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Turkish food


Mantı is basically the Turkish version of dumplings, filled with spiced meat such as lamb or ground beef. Yogurt and garlic are also used to make the dish, which was originally created by Turkic folk groups.

In Anatolia, Mantı is usually boiled or baked instead of being steamed. The oldest known recipe dates back to the 15th century and the Ottoman empire, and according to that recipe, Mantı should be filled with pounded lamb and crushed chickpeas before they are steamed and served with yogurt on top mixed with crushed garlic and sumac.

Manti are traditional Turkish dumplings filled with spiced ground meat and onions. The dumplings are most commonly topped with a sauce consisting of yogurt and garlic. The name of the dish is derived from mantu, meaning dumplings, and they were originally brought over from Central Asia to Turkey by nomadic Turkish tribes in the 13th century.

Today, manti dumplings are popular throughout Turkey, as well as in numerous other cuisines such as Armenian, Afghan, and Central Asian.