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Beautiful royal park – Emirgan Korusu

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Named after the Ottoman commander Emir Mirgunoglu in the 17th century, this gorgeous park has a long and extravagant history. It’s mostly known for its three pavilions previously used by royalty for short stays. The pavilions were constructed from 1871–1878.

he Emirgan Park (Emirgan Grove or Woods) is situated in the pretty Emirgan neighborhood by the Bosphorus shores and covers an area of 325,000 square meters. Once the private place of the Egyptian Khedive Ismail Pasa, and after being a present from the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV to an Iranian noble-man Emir Gun, today the park serves as a very beautiful public garden for both Istanbul locals and tourists.

You can have a wonderful breakfast during the weekdays or open buffet at the weekends at the cafes of the Emirgan Grove. Many locals flock to the grove especially at the sunny Istanbul weekends.

Or you can have a nice rest, stroll along the beautiful gardens of the park and enjoy the beautiful views of the park in the company of the Bosphorus scenery.