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Ancient Cities in Turkey

Termessos is one of Turkey’s best preserved ancient cities and most outstanding archaeological sites, located in Antalya province of the Mediterranean region.

The ancient city of Termessos was built in between two peaks on Gulluk Mountain of Antalya. This ancient city is also called the Eagle’s Nest because of its most remarkable location, 1050 m above the sea level and spread over a wide area.

The remains of Termessos are to a great degree scattered amongst the thick marquis and forest area. Remains include the strong defence walls, temples, necropolis, agora, gymnasium, bouleuterion, the theatre with a spectacular view and five vast water cisterns carved into the rock.

The ancient theatre of Termessos is one of the world’s most magnificent historic sites.

In ancient inscriptions, the people of Termessos referred to themselves as the Solyms, an old Pamphylian tribe. The language they spoke was unique, being a type dialect of Psidia.

Termessos only really left its mark in history when Alexander the Great surrounded it in 334 BC, defying the invader. It is reported that Alexander did not touch these brave people, he left them in their own fortresses and then continued his campaign into central Anatolia. The city enjoyed a period of prosperity during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. There is not much information available on its subsequent life in the Christian era.