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Regions in Turkey

7 Regions

The geographical location of Turkey is strategic, Turkey connects Europe and Asia. The country touches the boundary with:

• Iran to the east
• Iraq to the south-east
• Armenia to the northeast
• Georgia to the northeast
• The Mediterranean to the south
• Syria to the south
• the Aegean Sea to the west
• Bulgaria to the north-west
• Greece to the north-west

About 97% area of the country has belonged to Asia and only 3% of the country’s zone is the European portion. The biggest city in the country is Ankara. Ankara also is turkey capital.

We have to mention there is a huge the biggest city of the country west and east of turkey. The eastern part of the country is conservative while the western part is more modernized.

Growing in Turkey Tourism brings more job opportunities and welfare for the country that is why nowadays most of the people try to give a priority for Turkey Tourism.