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Amazing Places in Turkey


Marmaris is a lovely seaside town that’s become quite a popular tourist destinations. Visitors can also come here on a day trip from Rhodes island in Greece, which is just a short boat ride from Marmaris.

Marmaris is a heavenly corner where you can see all grades and harmonies of green and blue during the twelve months of the year.

The abundance of bays in the long coast line; its being a natural port; ancient cities; natural attractions; Blue Cruise facilities, marina for 800 boat and water-sports facilities are the peculiarities making Marmaris a paradise for tourists.

Since it has the Mediterranean climate, it is possible to enjoy swimming in the sea even in winter. Thick and high pine forests surrounding it, large leafed plane trees, and günlük trees which are peculiar to Muğla only and found no where else in the world, are the essence of green texture of Marmaris.

You have a choice of itineraries for your sailing holiday – east via Ekincik and the Dalyan Delta into the beautiful Fethiye Bay, a yachtsman’s paradise with many sheltered anchorages, coves and islands, or west via Bozburun, once the centre of sponge fishing in the Aegean, into the scenic Gulf of Datca.

One of the most elegant yachting resorts of Turkey. A point to meet the most beautiful boats. Ultramarine blue sea, mountains and pinewoods sketch the landscape. Many choices of shops, cafes, restaurants are to be found along the narrow streets of the town.