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Read More on Turkey

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Before planning a trip for Turkey it will be more appropriate to get more about it.

• Currency of Turkey: Turkish Lira is the certified exchange of the country
There is no black market in Turkey so they aspect UD dollars, Euro, British Pound or Deutschmarks. Master card and Visa are most popular for staying there. Also, we have to mention:

• high-end hotels
• gift shops
• restaurants
Accept American Express.
• Nightlife in Turkey: Nightlife is one of the most stirring and exciting activities in Turkey. Many such bars are lined sideways streets.
• Shopping in Turkey: Do not miss the experience of shopping in Turkey, it is full of fun and bustling bazaars. Try to add your plan buying some most popular gifts for all your friends.

Here you could find different kinds of gifts such as:

• Jeweler
• leather apparel
• locally made handicrafts
• nargiles
• musical instruments
• carved meerschaum
• Turkish carpets
• brass
• copperware textiles
• embroideries
• copper work
• ceramics, onyx
• mother-of-pearl
• inlaid woodwork
• rugs and kilims
Too many shopping centers with plenty of boutiques are waiting for you.

• Festivals in Turkey: During the year you can see different kinds of festivals all over the country and most of the time are related to religion and beliefs issue, also some of the international festivals are highly accepted between Turkish people.