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İskender Kebab

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Turkish food


İskender Kebab originated in northwestern Turkey and dates back to the Ottoman Empire. This type of kebab was created by Iskender Efendi, who also gave rise to its name.

To make a traditional İskender Kebab, you’ll need thinly cut grilled lamb and a hot tomato sauce which is put on top pieces of pita bread. Melted sheep butter and yogurt are poured in generous amounts over the dish.

The same family who invented this dish still have their restaurant open for business in Bursa. Due to its wide popularity across Turkey, it’s also served in other places under the name of Iskender Kebab or Bursa Kebab. 

The dish is one of many doner (grilled meat) dishes from Turkish cuisine. Two variants that are popular across Europe are portable: the doner kebab served in a sandwich (regular doner or sandwich doner) or rolled in a flatbread (durum doner). In Turkey itself and in Turkish restaurants everywhere, doner meat is served on top of rice. If you put a French fry – one, no more – in your doner sandwich, you will eat a doner Alla Turca.