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Ancient Cities in Turkey

Perga, Greek Perge, modern Murtina or Murtana, ancient city ofPamphylia, now in Antalya il (province), Turkey. It was a centre of nativeculture and was a seat of the worship of “Queen” Artemis, a purely Anatolian nature goddess.

In Perga St. Paul, the Apostle, and St. Barnabas began their first mission inAnatolia (Acts of the Apostles 13:13). A difficult mountain route into Phrygiabegan at Perga, and Alexander the Great used it for his invasion of the interior. Long the chief city of the district of Pamphylia Secunda, Perga was superseded in Byzantine times by its port, Attaleia, which became a metropolis in 1084. The most notable remains at Perga include a theatre, astadium, two basilicas, and the agora..

Perge; Situated in the town of Aksu in Antalya province, Perge was founded during the Bronze Age.