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Ancient Cities in Turkey

Antiochos, King of Commagene, gave the name of his wife Lotape to the ancient city which is located approximately 30 km east of Alanya. The city's ancient street, bath, church, necropolis and acropolis are the best surviving artefacts of any other ancient cities in the vicinity, and the one-room covered tomb rooms are also located in the ancient ruins of the city. The acropolis of the city is located on the hill extending towards the sea and a great view from the acropolis awaits the visitors. Those who visit Aytap (Lotape), which has a coast on the sea, can also swim in the bay where the harbour remains of the ancient city are located.

Lotape; Located in Antalya province among the Mediterranean cities with the warmest climate, the ancient city of Iotape was named after the wife of king Antiochus of Commagene.