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The actual standard time zone in Turkey is UTC/GMT +3 hours. In 2016 the Turkish government announced that they will not be observing DST anymore, putting an end to adjusting the clocks every spring and fall seasons, to best-utilize daylight.

All provinces in Turkey are within the same time zone therefore the clock in Turkey is always the same throughout the country. The actual time in Turkey is:

DST: The DST stands for “Daylight Saving Time”, known also as “Summer time”. It is the aggreement of energy saving by advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less, forwarding one hour at the start of Spring and are adjusted backward in Autumn. Turkey was one of the countries that applied DST like many others in the northern hemisphere such as Europe, Russia, USA and Canada. Turkey followed Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) until 2016, but since 30th of October 2016 the daylight saving time is not followed anymore and the country keeps the time in Summer Time all the way (GMT/UTC +3 hours).