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Real estate’s rights in Turkey


    Private and public debt instruments, and shares of joint-stock companies established in Turkey, including those in the privatization process

    Foreign private and public debt instruments and joint-stock company shares tradable within the framework of provisions of Decree No. 32 on Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency

    Time deposit and participation account

    Investment fund units

    Repo and reverse repo transactions

    Warrants and certificates

    Lease certificates and real estate certificates

    Settlement and Custody Bank Money transactions

    Cash collaterals and premiums of derivative transactions

    Specially designed foreign investment instruments and loan participation notes deemed appropriate by the Board

    Other investment instruments deemed appropriate by the Board

On the other hand venture capital investment fund is an asset established under fund rules with limited term, by portfolio management companies and venture capital portfolio management companies which hold an operating license given by the Capital Markets Board in order to manage the portfolios composed of assets and transactions counted in the Communiqué, with money and/or capital stocks collected from qualified investors in return for fund units, in accordance with fiduciary ownership principles.[6] The latter does not have a legal entity, too. The operable assets, rights and transactions are similar with those which are counted above. The goal of venture capital investment fund in essence is to provide the resources to entrepreneur companies with development potential.