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Tea with a view – Pierre Loti Hill

Sight in Istanbul


Named after the well-known French novelist Pierre Loti, this hill offers perfect views of the Golden Horn. It’s also home to a famous café that bears the same name. Loti lived in Istanbul for many years and was a big fan of the city. The café is a meeting point for lovers and couples, and has featured in many Turkish romance films.

Pierre Loti Hill is a great leisure and tourist area with an open air cafe overlooking the Golden Horn with beautiful views. The hill is about 55 meters from sea level. Taking its name from a famous French novelist and traveler, who lived in Istanbul and spent his most of the time here, the hill is accessible by a nice cable car trip.

The hill is a popular spot for taking great photos with the best views of Istanbul. You’ll find seven historic mansions that are now serving as a boutique hotel, a lovely restaurant, a hookah cafe, and the very famous Pierre Loti Hill Cafe and shop where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Golden Horn. And there is a big graveyard on the slopes of the hill.