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Istanbul under your wings – Büyük

Sight in Istanbul


It’s in an old secret building and offers you one of the best sightseeing places of Istanbul on a rooftop. Büyük Valide Han has two floors and three courtyards. If you want to venture up, find the caretaker, Mehdi Bey (who is usually in the second floor), and offer him a small tip to unlock the door for you, really worthy for the breathtaking views and the experience you are about to get. Note that climbing up to the roof is at your own risk, watch your step!

Büyük Valide Han is no longer a secret. Whenever I visit, I shared the roof with large groups of tourists, both foreign and local. Some of them were jumping over the domes while trying to get the best Instagram picture and putting both the building and themselves at risk. Do not forget this place was built over 350 years ago and remains in a visible damaged condition. Please, avoid jumping over the domes and running across the rooftop.