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The capital of the Hittite empire and a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s an ancient place where the Hattian people founded a settlement about 2000 years B.C. One generation later, a Hittite speaking King chose this place as his residence.

Hattusha is an open air archaeological museum consisting of two sites, the Lower City and the Upper City. Visible at the Lower City are the remains associated with civic life. The Great Temple is the principal cult building of the city. Due to its two cult rooms, this temple is believed to have been devoted to the Storm God Teshup and the Sun Goddess of Arinna City, which are the greatest gods of the Empire.

In the Upper City, the Temple Neighbourhood, which encompasses several temples, is noteworthy. The Upper City is situated on a broad arch and was protected by walls to the south. There are four gates on the walls.

The Yerkapi ramparts and the Sphinx Gate stand at the highest point of the city, which is at the southernmost edge of the city walls. King’s Gate and Lion Gate are situated at either end of the southern walls. The lion sculptures on the outer face of the Lion Gate are some of the best examples of Hittite stone carving.