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Alacati is famous for its stone houses with colored windows and hanging balconies. It’s a beautiful beach town that isn’t very well known among international tourists.

However, it’s quite popular among domestic tourists, especially during the summer months. Alacati is also a great place to learn windsurfing.

Alaçatı is a part of İzmir on the Western coast of Turkey, often noted for its architecture, vineyards, windmills.

Alaçatı is one of the most traditional towns in Turkey with stone houses, narrow streets, boutique hotels and restaurants with tables on the streets. The area is also home to the Alaçatı yacht marina and the famous Port Alaçatı development, created by the French architect Francois Spoerry and his son, Yves Spoerry

Alaçatı has stone houses with coloured windows and narrow streets with pavements. The centre of Alaçatı has Ottoman houses, which were stolen from their Greek owners over 100 years ago. The houses can be differentiated whether they were Greek houses by looking if they have an additional enclosed balcony area, alcove window or ‘cumba’ in Turkish. Typically, enclosed cumba balconies are painted by lilac or pale blue colours. The town was declared as a historical site in 2005, the buildings are well protected. The newly built houses refer to the past architectural principles of the Ottoman houses of the agora of Alaçatı.