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Enjoy the longest beach in Turkey! It’s a hidden beach gem where you can also see some antique ruins.

Located between Fethiye and Kalkan, the ancient city of Patara is known as the birthplace of the Greek sun god Apollo. In time, the ancient port of Patara which once thrived as a capital of the Lycian League has been covered with sand.

Scattered towards the surrounding hills, the ruins consist predominantly of sacred places and a theater. The magnificent beaches adorn the shores of this ancient port city. Visitors looking for crystal clear blue sea and bright sun are welcome here.

The history of Patara goes back millenia, and Iskan says two prehistoric finds are especially significant. One is a baked clay figurine from BCE late 4000s-BCE early 3000s. The other is an original find from 2020: on a flat stone axe, a drawing made with red paint. “Comparing it to similar rock drawings, experts date it to the Early Chalcolithic Era, that is, BCE 5700-5600 and 4900-4800.” She calls it “the earliest confirmed artefact in coastal Lycia.”