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Archeological remains of the Lycian rock cut tombs in Myra, Turkey

Myra’s Rock Tombs

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Myra was an Ancient Greek town in Lycia, which is nowadays known for its vertical rock tombs.

The league left their footprint in history through ancient ruined cities all over the south west coast of Turkey and I was determined to visit as many of them as possible. This proved to be more difficult then I originally thought as while on my tour I discovered there is more historical attractions in this area of Turkey, than the whole of Greece put together!

I was not expecting a lot from Myra (now named Demre). After you have seen the ancient ruins of Ephesus, it takes a lot for anything to match up. However I was pleasantly surprised even though Myra is maybe one fifth of the size of Ephesus. This is probably due to the fact that Ephesus displays predominately Roman architecture and influence, while Myra still has traces of its Lycian heritage.