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Amazing Places in Turkey


Colosseum might the world’s most famous amphitheater, but Aspendos in Turkey is well known among historians and archeologists for having one of the best-preserved amphitheaters.

It’s a grand venue with seating for 12 000 people and was built already in year 155 B.C.

Aspendos is 44kms far way from Antalya city center and is about 4 kms away from Antalya-Alanya highway. Aspendos has a big fame with its spectecular Roman theatre not only the best preserved theatre in Turkey but also in Mediterrenean countries. Aspendos was founded on two hills and became one of the richest cities in the region in antiquity. Today  it is a stop for visitors to see the splendid Roman theatre  preserved in better conditions and many festivals are held in this beautiful theatre either by art associations or Turkish goverment as international activities.

One of the most important historical buildings in Aspendos is a Roman aqueduct. A series of arches that expose the extraordinary feat of engineering was used to bring the water into the city from the north mountains about 5kms far way and they are one of the rare surviving examples of ancient times. Water was brought to the city through a channel formed by carved stone blocks on the belt 15 meters high from the water source. The water was collected in towers 30 meters high at the end point of the arch in both sides, filtered by using pebbles and coals then was distributed to all parts of the city by earthenware-pipes. An inscription found in Aspendos tells us the aqueduct was built by Tiberius Claudius Italicus as a gift to the city in 2nd century AD.