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Not everyone is aware that Turkey is home to many antique places, and even fewer know how well-preserved these sites are. While Greece and Italy have their fair shares of impressive sites, Ephesus was an important city in ancient times.

It’s especially famed for the Temple of Artemis, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Ephesus is also famous for being home to one of the seven churches of Asia that are cited in the Book of Revelation.

Ephesus is one of the largest Roman archaeological sites in the eastern Mediterranean, and it’s easily accessible from Kusadasi.

The Ephesus Antique City in Izmir, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visited by 1 million people annually, attracts local and foreign tourists to the region for 100 years.

Çukuriçi Höyük, Ayasuluk Hill, the ancient city of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary consisting of 4 components, is considered one of the most important centers of the ancient period.

Ephesus, the Hellenistic and Roman Periods of the superior urbanization, architecture and religious history are symbols that shed light.