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Anamur Beach

Anamur (Alanya)

Anamur (Alanya); Good beach that only Turks seem to know about, 127 km (79 miles) southeast of Alanya. Interesting Byzantine ghost town nearby.

There are great undeveloped sandy beaches almost totally deserted around the ruins of Anemurion, with a seawater temperature close to the levels of a hot tub. However, take care of not disturbing turtle eggs of an endangered species (Caretta caretta), which lay eggs to many beaches in the area. Especially discouraged (and sometimes, outright banned) are using beach umbrellas or other objects with sharp ends, building firepits, and leaving behind even the smallest piece of trash. Sometimes local military police (jandarma) shuts the entrance to the beaches in the evening and through the night, out of environmental concerns.

One of the aspect of travelling is becoming familiar with the history and culture of a region. By travelling to Alanya and taking part to Anamur tour you would find an occasion to visit the most famous destinations in Turkey which contains an unforgettable experience of visiting two towns, Anamur city, Anemurim ancient city and Mamure castle and also it is a good opportunity to taste the delicious Anamure bananas in this tour. Anamur is a Greek word and its original word is Anemourion, it means windmill. The town is somehow known because of its historical sights.

Anamur is a nice city which is located about 130 km from Alanya from the east side and it is close to Mediterranean Sea. Because in this city there is a vast bananas plantation, it becomes popular among the people especially the tourists. In this tour, you will visit the wonderful ruins of Anamerium ancient city and the Mamure castle.

Anamur is a small town, although it is not as busy or vibrant as Alanya, it may have its amazing and fabulous attractions and sight. Alanya is placed between Antalya and Mersin that is on the southern part of Turkey. Anamur is famous for its peanuts and bananas. Although there is a clean and blue sea and nice long beaches, the sea holiday here is not so famous and usually there not many tourists in the beaches. Because the beaches are not equipped enough and there are not enough facilities.