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Sinop Beach


Sinop; Sinop Nice beaches, never crowded, because the Black Sea water is usually pretty chilly.

Known as Turkey’s northernmost city, Sinop is not unique only in that sense. Whatever I tell you about this small city… you can’t really find something similar within the country.

For example, did you know that Turkey had fjords, the famous landforms in Norwegian? Hamsilos, which decorates all Sinop postcards, is Turkey’s only fjord. Formed as a result of glacial erosion, the fjord has a terrific view. Continue right from here, and you reach İnceburun, which is at the country’s northernmost point. The lighthouse is the iconic structure of İnceburun, located 19 kilometers from Sinop’s center. It evokes admiration at first sight with its entirely white appearance.

Located on a peninsula stretching along the Black Sea, Sinop is a definitely natural harbor. Sinop has always been unusual with this feature throughout history. For example, Pasha bastions were built here as a precaution against likely attacks from the sea during the Ottoman-Russian wars.

A beach does not spring to one’s mind when I say the Black Sea, does it? 🙂 Yet Sinop is a city of beaches. Known as the Bodrum of the Black Sea, the unique beaches like Akliman and Karakum swarm with thousands of people in the summer months. Akliman attracts many tourists with its 7-kilometer-long golden beaches, and it is also the most conducive area for sea daffodil, an endemic plant. Karakum beach deserves to be seen with its pitch-black sand. As you walk on this volcanic sand, your feet burn than they do on other beaches. 🙂

Alright, did you know that Sinop had 28 waterfalls that link with each other and flow for hundreds of meters? Tatlıca Waterfalls, located in the Erfelek district of Sinop, as one of these 28 waterfalls, offers a route not to be missed by trekking lovers.