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Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula; Beaches in the towns are not great, but good smaller ones abound: Ortakent Yalısı (coarse sand & pebble), Turgutreis (surfy), and gem-like Gümüşlük

ADA BOGAZI (AQUARIUM) On the Bodrum peninsula between Gumbet and Bitez is the Akvaryum Cove, stretching for three kilometres towards the south. In front of it is Gorecik Island, which is also called ic Island. Between the Bodrum Peninsula and the island there is an area forming a strait and the cove, It is called Aquarium because of its crystal clear waters.In the open waters the sea floor 30 m. below can be seen with the naked eye. Throughout the day it get hoards of Daily Boat Trips and at night boats that anchor there.
AKYARLAR COVE This cove with its wonderful beach and crystal clear waters is 13 km from Bodrum. It is one of the best places in the world to surf. Its ancient name is Arhialla.
ASPAT BEACH Rising out of the shores of the Aegean and mentioned often in Turkish folk music, the real name of Aspat is Aspartos. Evliya celebi writes of Aspat in his Chronicles. Built upon a barren rock, the perimeter of Aspat Castle measures 700 paces. Here one may see the remains of a civilizations dating back to the Classic Age and continuing up until the present day.
BAGLA BEACH With one of the best coves and beaches on the peninsula, it is an excellent place to camp and is 14 km from Bodrum.
BARDAKCI BEACH Bardakçi is 500 m. from Bodrum. One can reach to Bardakci most of the time by sea. Its crystal clear sea is well-known for its springs.
BITEZ BEACH One of the most beautiful coves on the peninsula, it is 10 km from Bodrum and has warm waters and sandy beaches. It is a beautiful quiet corner where blue and green reach out to touch each other in the tangerine orchards which stretch from the village to the sea.
GOLKOY Located 13 km north of Bodrum, this beautiful cove blends the green of olive, tangerine and pine trees with that of palms. Because it faces the north, it is always lush and the water in the cove is cooler than that in the other coves.
GUMBET BEACH About 3 km west of Bodrum, its waters are very shallow. It is an excellent place for beach surfing. Bardakci is a mere 1000 m. from Bodrum. Most people go there by Boat. It is known for its beach and the water, which is as clear as glass, as well as the fresh water spring there.
GUNDOGAN Located 18 km from Bodrum, Gundogan cove is one of the coves that has been least changed by man and which still preserves its beauty in the most natural way. Its tangerine orchards are famous.
GUMUSLUK It is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula. It is still possible to see in places the underwater remains of the old harbor wall which connected Tavsan Island to the mainland. The sea and fish here are famous. Watching the sun set here amidst the lush green vegetation will be a life-long memory.
GUVERCINLIK BEACH A cove of unusual beauty with every conceivable tone green and blue, it is located 25 km from Bodrum. Salih Island, located right across the water, only serves to enhance the natural appeal of this beautiful cove.
KADIKALESI The sandy beaches of this crystal clear sea are surround with citrus orchards. Situated 23 km from Bodrum, it gets its name from the remains of a nearby castle belonging to the Hellenistic era.
KARAINCIR Situated 16 km out of Bodrum, its 500 m. beach is one of the best in the area.
ORTAKENT – YAHSI BEACH Located 14 km from Bodrum, its waters are warm and it has sandy beaches. Its tangerine orchards are quite famous. It is one of the best vantage points from which to view village life in Bodrum.

TORBA BEACH peaceful little village just 5 km from Bodrum, it is a charming yet lively place where the shining sea melds with the green pines and olive trees. There are boats going to Didim, Milet and Priene from here.
TURGUTREIS BEACH Situated 20 km from Bodrum, the town is famous for its tangerine orchards. It is named for the famous Turkish admiral, Turgut Reis. In terms of population, it is the second most populous area after Bodrum. It is known for its unforgettable sunsets.
TURKBUKU BEACH Situated beside Golkoy, at a distance from Bodrum of 15 km, it resembles Golkoy in almost every way. It is one of the places preferred by people looking for peace and quiet.
YALIKAVAK BEACH Yalikavak impresses with its combination of alluring traditional charm and a sense of recognition of the importance of contemporary comforts desired by today’s discerning visitor. This is what makes Yalikavak attractive to those who care for both, the old and the new.

About Bodrum Peninsula

The ancient Bodrum peninsula is a beautiful port city on the Turkish Aegean Sea and is one of the most enchanting places in the region. It’s an attractive destination for wealthy Turkish families, jet-setters and European vacationers. The busy harbor is always littered with yachts and the area is bordered by white villas and palm trees