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Van Cat is a registered trademark of the city of Van in Turkey. That Van Cat is a value which belongs to Van was officially registered in the year of 2006. Its beauty sets tongues wagging, blue eyes come from the Lake Van, amber eyes from the sun of Van.

Turkish Van Cats are indigenous to the area around Lake Van, pure white and typically have one amber and one blue eye although they can also have two eyes of either colour. The other unusual feature of the Van Cat is to love swimming and playing with water.


Van Cat Research Center was founded under Van 100. Yil University in 1992 in order to protect the genetic, morphological and physiological characteristics of Van Cat. The center not only raises cats themselves but follows up the raising of cats outside Van.


Van Cat pays more attention to cleaning than other cats. It devours fruits such as melons, and watermelons and it even eats ice cream.

Van Cat loves water and swimming and has strong hunting instincts. It is very easy to care. It is energetic and loves being stroked and played with.

Van Cat is loyal to its owners. It is so intelligent as to check the warmth of the food with its paws before eating.

Van cats are more compatible in relationships with other cats. The females are picky in choosing their mates for reproduction. It gives birth to four kittens at once time. It dominates its living place and does not allow other cats to invade their own area.

If you would like to own a Van Cat, you can contact the Van Cat Research Center.