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Turkish Kangal Dog is a breed of livestock guardian dog, perfect shepherd dog, originating from the Kangal district in Turkey. Kangal Dogs have a fair reputation in Turkey and around the world. The Kangal is the one hundred percent Turkish dog.


Turkish Kangal Dog is very brave, quick and agile, quite good to women and children, quite a dissuasive weapon against bad people.

Kangal Dog is intelligent and strong insight, faithful to its owner. When it is scolded by its owner, it is ashamed like a child, look so sad and innocent for begging its owner to forgive the mistake.

Kangal Dog shows its feeling not only through position, behaviours, mimics and gestures, but also various toned barking. Kangal Dogs are so loyal to their missions. It is said that they wait for days to keep the sheep without having food and water.


Kangal dog is originating from the Kangal town of Sivas province in Turkey.

  • Intelligence: Intermediate-high level
  • Trust: Should not cause damage to herd and owner
  • Care: Should be interested in and careful to its duty
  • Protective: Have reactions to foreign people
  • Power: Strong enough to stop enemy
  • Speed: Enough to run after and catch enemy
  • Brave: Should be brave which, in our opinion is the most important one.

It is possible to see all those characteristics in a Kangal at the highest level. This is why Kangal is number one among the other dogs in the world.


Today, the Kangal Dog holds a very special place in the hearts and minds of Turkish people. Kangal district of Sivas holds an annual festival for the breed which attracts tourists from all over the world.