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Ezogelin soup

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Ezogelin soup is one of the most popular Turkish soups, originally from the city of Gaziantep. The primary ingredients to make Ezogelin soup are red lentils and bulgur. garlic, tomato, paprika, hot pepper, dried mint, butter, and onions are typically added as well.

A great example of Turkish regional cuisine, Ezogelin çorbası is a hearty, mint-flavored soup made with red lentils, bulgur, pepper paste, and various Turkish spices. The origins of this classic Turkish winter dish are attributed to an unhappily married woman named Ezo who lived in the village of Dokuzyol near Gaziantep in the early 20th century.

It is believed that Ezo used to make this soul-warming soup in a desperate effort to win over her mother-in-law’s cold heart. Ezo’s story was often depicted in films and lamented in folksongs, and her name still lives on in this flavorful dish.

Today, apart from being served as a warm starter or even as a breakfast meal, Ezogelin çorbası is traditionally prepared as soul food for the young brides-to-be in order to sustain them for the marital journey that lies ahead.