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Turkish Desserts

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Turkish food


Turkey may be synonymous with baklava, however, the country’s rich cuisine has many more amazing desserts with origins in all its various regions. From milk desserts to deep fried and extremely sweet snacks, here are some excellent desserts you definitely need to try out.

  • Künefe – Baked cheese with shredded pastry dough, topped with pistachio.
  • Simit – Sesame-encrusted bread rings.
  • Baklava – A sweet and traditional Turkish dessert.
  • Kestane şekeri – Sugared chestnuts.
  • Lokum – A popular nougaty dessert with a variety of fillings and flavors. 
  • Tavuk göğsü – Chicken breast pudding.
  • Kayısı Tatlısı – Tasty morsels of apricot stuffed with cream and nuts.
  • Baklalı Enginar – Peeled artichokes dressed in oil and lemon juice and served cold with beans and fresh parsley.